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How Will You Take Care Of Your Trees?


We often have plants in your homes and yard to enhance the beauty of your home. It also helps us to maintain the natural balance and tree purify the environment. Not only the yard but some of the people love to decorate their interior with green trees. San Antonio tree service by Yates Tree Inc provides expert level of service by professionals.  If you are planting trees the next step is to take care of them. On the other hand, you have to take care of your trees on a regular basis to maintain their health and to make your yard perfect. Tree trimming service will help you with your needs.

Tree care tips:

A suitable tree care begins with the selecting of a right tree. After that, you have to take care of its shape and health. Regular watering, proper mulching will make your tree healthier. Also, you need to remove deadwood and trim your tree to maintain a proper shape. Tree trimming in San Antonio and other professional tree services may guide you for this purpose.

  • Consistent watering programming every two weeks is very important during hot months.
  • Mulching your trees is a good option.
  • Removing the tree stumps is a good idea when a tree is removed. You may consider some expert services because they use modern tools to eliminate the huge trunks. San Antonio stump removal service may be an option for you to opt for.
  • If you are decorating your interior with trees, you should keep in mind that they need sunlight after a certain time.
  • You can install trunk guards to protect the nutrients and water supplied at the base. You need to keep your pets away from the trees.

It is recommended to remove large deadwoods from your tree to prevent long term health issues with your trees. You can call the experts at Yates Tree Inc, Tree cutting service in San Antonio.

Best services to take care of trees


The best gift given to humanity by nature is the green trees that adorn our surroundings. Our cities, towns and the glorified metropolitan hubs are always planned with a certain percentage of tree cover. Since they serve our livelihood and civilization; we have certain responsibilities towards them as well. We need to maintain their health and should take care of them so that trees live longer and keep the planet a healthier place for our future generations. San Antonio tree services is one of the providers that has concern for this very purpose, providing expert help in this respect.

Why pruning and trimming?

The primary objectives of trimming and pruning include health, safety, and aesthetic beauty. Trees can be over grown and have broken branches.  Tree removal service such as with Yates Tree Inc, includes removal of all these unnecessary parts of trees. The dead wood removal service and proper crown thinning process help to reduce hazards and improve tree health. This is helpful for humans and other animals that live around the trees planted in a space. Your yard will look cleaner and more appealing if taken care of.

Pruning the foliage of bigger trees also allows more sunlight to enter your yard. You will also be gifted a clearer view of your own yard. A yard with professionally trimmed trees will increase the value of your property when you are aiming for a resale or lease. Tree trimming service in San Antonio by Yates Tree Inc does this entire work according to ANSI standards, with proper care.

During summer and rainy seasons, adequate or (sometimes) excess rainfall causes overgrowth of the trees. You will observe some extremely long branches growing out of proportion and making your trees look unsightly Alternately, strong winds and storms may cause damage to your property. San Antonio trimming service should be considered after such unforeseen natural disasters to ensure healthy restoration.

When should you trim?

You might be wondering: “When should I opt for the tree trimming and pruning service?” The answer to it depends on the growth rate of your trees. You have to observe on a regular basis when the trees are looking untidy or like they need trimming. You may consult with the tree cutting service in San Antonio by Yates Tree Inc for a professional hand. Deadwood and leaves can be removed whenever necessary.

Stump Removal And Tree Cabling


Trees are the best gifts Mother Nature has benevolently provided to our planet and to us. We cannot imagine ourselves alive without trees and greenery surrounding us. Our homes look more peaceful with a bunch of trees and a small, well-kept yard. It will certainly make you feel like you are in a peace-haven. However, you need to make sure your trees remain healthy and any infected tree is immediately removed. Also, cutting off the extremely long branches decreases the hazards. Here goes some of the benefits of the tree removal service for the care of your trees and gardens.

Stump grinding:

You must be thinking; “What is a tree stump?” It is basically the remaining portion of a tree trunk after it has been felled or cut down for some other reason. A tree stump remains with the roots still intact and functioning underground. Basically, a huge tree stump is really difficult to uproot and remove. However, professional servicemen can dig it out or it can be shredded with the help of some grinding tools like stump grinder. San Antonio Stump removal service Yates Tree Inc is one of the best tree stump removal services you can opt for. The expert persons will remove the stump after taking into account factors such as size and the condition of the stump.

Tree cabling:

Tree cabling is an essential process if your aim is to maintain acceptable tree health during removal or replacement. It should always be done with the help of the professionals. San Antonio tree service Yates Tree Inc has the expertise to perform these types of jobs accurately and in minimum time. Tree cabling is the method that involves securely attaching a cable to a tree limb or the trunk itself, to lower down the chances of it breaking off. Also, it protects from any type of damage to the surrounding trees in your yard. If you are not willing to eliminate extra tree limbs for aesthetics, you should go for the tree cabling option.

Finding a tree trimming service in San Antonio will be the best way to manage your trees in your yard. The trimmed and clean trees will make your property look more attractive. 

Also looking for tree cutting services in San Antonio will help you with the modern and upgraded cutting and stumping tools to make your trees healthier. Your yard will be perfect for the fall season.

What You Need To Know About Tree Removal Services


Are you thinking of planting varieties of tree in your yard? If yes, then you must know how to take care of them. During the fall season and in the summertime, trees are prone to overgrowth due to heavy rainfall. You often will see that the long and extended branches are knocking your attic window. This situation may cause breakage of your property. Also, these are not good for the tree’s health. Looking for Tree cutting service in San Antonio is one of the best option you can do to take care of your trees. You will be able to find a guideline about tree removal service and tree demossing.

Tree removal:

Tree removal must be done by the professionals. It should be considered as the last option. If you feel that cutting of extended and damaged branches cannot be cut to fix the hazards so your last alternative is the removal of the tree.  San Antonio tree service providers can provide you professional and experienced experts to help you. After a dangerous storm, you will need to remove a threatening tree from your property. Experienced persons will do it with the help of high-end equipment. San Antonio stump removal should be considered after the tree removal job.

Tree demossing:

It is the process to remove ball moss from the skin of a tree. It should be taken care by professionals. Tree surgeons are the perfect choice for this. Sometimes, they climb up the tree to perform this job. If this process is not performed professionally, it can be a very time-consuming process based on the ball moss, and time is money but however it will not kill trees.  To obtain the best results, contact Yates Tree Inc, we are your local tree trimming services in San Antonio.

Things To Know Before Hiring A Tree Removal Service


Servicing trees can be very hard and dangerous. That’s why even an enthusiastic Do-It-Yourselfer would shudder at the thought of trimming or removing their backyard vegetation. However, finding a good tree removal service company has its own difficulty too. The company has to be reliable and trust-worthy. But there is no cause to worry. As long as you follow the instructions given below, you would be just fine. read more →

Reasons Why a Professional Tree Removal Service is Always Your Best Option


Trees bring a natural appeal to your property and their presence can have a positive influence around them. However, if they grow beyond their normal size or in undesirable locations they can cause problems in plumbing and sewer lines. Household damages caused by natural calamities are covered by home insurance policies but if they occur due to untrimmed plants or trees, you would have to pay for the repair from your own pocket. When you have decided to do something about the trees before everything gets out of hand, keep in mind that it is best to hire a professional tree removal service. Here are the reasons why, read more →

Avoid Committing These Errors When You Are Trimming Trees


Most people think that a tree trimming in San Antonio is an easy task, but it isn’t. Apart from that, it is also dangerous. If the trimming is not done properly, the tree becomes vulnerable to natural disasters like hailstorms, heavy downpour etc. Here are some common mistakes to avoid during the process, read more →

Important Things To Consider While Removing Trees


Property owners remove trees most of the time. It is done for a plenty of reasons and sometimes it becomes a necessity. However, it is advised not to rush into it. If not done rightly, you could end up making many mistakes. Here are some things to be considered when you remove trees in your property, read more →

3 Reasons Why You Should Remove that Tree Stump

tree stump removal service

Most people do not realize the fact that Stump Removal San Antonio TX is a must. But the truth is that leaving stumps as is can instigate various hazards for you, your home as well as the health of your lawn. So here are three reasons why you must get rid of tree stumps at the earliest.

  1. Stumps gradually rot over time, and this can severely impact the health of your yard while attracting woodboring insects. Disease and fungi often cause the decay, and this can spread to the neighboring trees and plants that are healthy. Ants, beetles, and termites get attracted to rotting stumps and could easily find its way towards your home too!


  1. Stumps can be dangerous for your children as they might not look at it and trip over it. This often happens when they are playing and running around the yard. Stumps can also be an annoyance for your guests who have no idea about your place.


  1. Be informed that stump root continues to grow. And when that happens, removing it can become a costly liability, especially when it is located close to the foundation or hardscaping such as walkways, stonework, wood or cemented areas. Growing roots and its expansion can crack driveways or permeate the foundation, causing extensive damage.

Here’s the rule of thumb: When removing trees, make sure you take out the stumps too. The best solution is to hire a local tree stump removal service that can get it done perfectly!

3 Popular Myths about Tree Pruning You Should Never Believe

Myths about Tree Pruning

If you want your landscape to look more beautiful than ever, you’d want to consider hiring a tree service in San Antonio TX. They don’t just make your trees look healthier and pretty with tree pruning, but can also enhance the beauty of your landscape. Despite their popularity, there are certain misconceptions on tree pruning. Here are the most popular ones you should know:

Myth 1: Trees Grow Perfectly Without Pruning

Fact: This is perhaps the most common myth often heard about tree pruning. It is vital that you keep your trees and plants in their best shape and this is only possible with tree pruning. Pruning involves removing dead or damaged branches, water sprouts and more that can make your tree unhealthy. Hence trees grow better with pruning.

Myth 2: Pruning at the Wrong Time can perish the Plant

Fact: Yes it is nearly true that pruning in the wrong time can cause adverse effects, but it doesn’t necessarily kill it. When pruned at the wrong time, it can create sap that isn’t dangerous to the bark of the tree. Rather than pruning during the wrong season, it is advisable to contact a professional tree service to get the job done.

Myth 3: Summer Pruning is Dangerous:

Fact: It is during the summer season that water sprouts and sucker grows the max, and pruning is the best way to control them. Summer pruning will never do any harm to your trees but instead will only enhance its growth as you remove scrap branches and leaves off of it.

Hiring a reputable tree pruning service in San Antonio is the best way to extend the longevity of your trees and to keep your landscape in top shape.